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Pick Up and Picnic!


By Kristina Held

After what felt like a painfully long winter (my family would cringe to think how thin-blooded I have become), the temperatures in the South seem to only be going up. It’s a fine line between nippy and sweltering here in Charleston, and I’m trying to take full advantage of days that are comfortable enough to enjoy outdoors for longer than five minutes.

Photo By Andrew Cebulka

Recently, my boyfriend and I created a list of activities we wanted to pursue in the warm weather months. While a Riverdogs game and a sunrise at the beach quickly made the list, it seems we may have forgotten a simple activity: a picnic. Easy and affordable, picnicking may be the ultimate spring “do.” Vegetables and fruits are finally making their colorful debut at the market (I’m getting pretty tired of bananas over here…), and rustic bread and a variety of cheeses are a welcome addition to the basket since they are so easily transportable. Pack everything up on our bikes, spread a blanket on the ground and we’ve got the perfect way to spend a few hours sans sweatstache.

Photo By Andrew Cebulka

Looking through this month’s issue I’ve already come up with several ideas for what to pack, but Matt and Ted Lee’s recipe for guinea squash dip is topping the chart. Easy to make and even easier to pack up, it’s Southern baba ganoush for the win. I anticipate packing an illicit tumbler of lemongrass gimlets as well…

Guinea Squash Dip

Lemongrass Gimlets

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