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Pimento Cheese Fit for a Champion

Blog Post April 2013
Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock

The Master’s golf tournament is being held this week in Augusta, Georgia, and is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments on the tour. The exclusive traditions of the Augusta National Golf Club have long intrigued us and leave us pining after one of the elite green blazers. People remain on a waitlist for years for tickets just to attend the practice rounds, let alone the tournament itself. Needless to say, tickets are a coveted, prized possession and people wear their Master’s gear with pride to show that they were lucky enough to attend.

On the Tuesday evening before the practice rounds begin, all of the winners of the Master’s get together for the Champion’s dinner to welcome the winner of the previous years tournament into their fold. The previous year’s winner always get to select the menu for the dinner and that menu has varied from chicken panang curry as selected by Vijay Singh, Haggis thanks to Sandy Lyle and cheeseburgers and french fries as chosen by Tiger Woods after his first tournament win (he later moved on to porterhouse steaks and crabcakes). Spectators at the tournament will not be treated to porterhouse steaks on the course but will partake in a menu that is as traditional as the Champion’s dinner itself. Some items on the menu have changed (like the addition of a grilled chicken wrap) but others selections like the Master’s Club and the egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches have been around for decades. For those (thousands!) of us who are not lucky enough to be eating a pimento cheese sandwich surrounded by blooming azalea bushes on the Augusta National fairway, you can still treat yourself to a spectacular pimento cheese sandwich at home. Dustin Busby, farmstead manager and cheesemaker of Blackberry Farms in Walland, Tennessee has shared his version of pimento cheese with us. This pimento cheese is so good that it might make you glad you stayed home! Check out TLP‘s April 2012 issue for more on this recipe as well as a Eva Keilty of Ted’s Butcherblock’s recipe for Pimento Cheese and Corn Pudding Souffle with Benton’s Bacon and Chipolte Chutney.

Blackberry Farms Pimento Cheese
from Dustin Busby of Blackberry Farms, Walland, TN


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