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Redux: Chicken Salad

Redux: Chicken Salad
Written by Emily Storrow | Photos by Andrew Cebulka

Chucktown Chicken Salad

Two Takes on the Classic

If cracker salad and ambrosia are any indication, Southerners will add mayonnaise to just about anything and call it a salad. Easy to whip up and tote in Tupperware, creamy chilled salads, from egg to potato, have stood the test of time. But there’s no reason the recipes need to be stuck in the past. We asked two Charleston, South Carolina, chefs to put their spin on the grand poobah of them all: chicken salad. At newcomer Millers All Day, a modern diner focused on breakfast, chef Madison Tessener turns to the flavors of vintage Lowcountry meal country captain. The chicken and rice dish is perfumed with curry powder, studded with raisins, and topped with slivered almonds—“all the things I love in my chicken salad,” she says. Meanwhile, Kevin Getzewich of the almost year-old One Broad finds inspiration in a personal favorite: cold food. “I’m always eating stuff cold—pizza, Asian food the next day, cold fried chicken,” he says. He gives leftover yardbird new life in the form of chicken salad, which he serves with quick pickles for a bright crunch.

Madison Tessener

Country Captain Chicken Salad

Madison Tessener earned her stripes in some of Charleston’s top fine-dining restaurants (FIG, McCrady’s, Husk) before taking the head chef position at Millers All Day. “ With brunch, we aren’t restricted to doing one thing, which I was very interested in,” she says. “ We get to make our own rules.”



Kevin Getzewich




Leftover Fried Chicken Salad

Raised in Philly, Kevin Getzewich brings the Northeast to the kitchen at One Broad—think bialys and pastrami lox. The menu is also heavy on global influence, evidenced in dishes like tamagoyaki and roasted lamb naan.







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