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Rollin’ in the Dough

Rollin’ in the Dough
Photo by Cameron Colcolough

Coastal Crust Offers Wood-Fired Pizza in a Food Truck

By Anna Mark

A new truck has rolled into the Holy City, and it is bringing Neapolitan style pizza and draft brew to the Lowcountry on wheels. Brian Piesner is introducing the South to the wonders of what a delightful ambiance, a friendly crew-to-customer relationship, cold beer, and a delectable slice of pizza can do for the soul.

Hailing from New York City, Brian was first introduced to the mobile eatery business when working for a similar truck on Long Island. It was there that he was inspired to drive the trucking business down South. By combining an Italian-made wood burning oven, some delicious locally grown ingredients, and brewed beer with a relaxing ambiance,  Coastal Crust was born.

Seeing these trucks for the first time in person was like stepping back in time. The 1947 KB5 International Harvester, which houses a handcrafted wood fired Valoriani pizza oven and coal fired grill, and the 1956 Ford F600 truck, home to a four head draft tower and espresso machine, sit on the Coastal Crust headquarters in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina like two old friends in all their grandeur. The trucks have been custom built and restored with rustic reclaimed materials from accented antique finds and old recycled wine boxes to beautiful granite bar tops, barn lighting fixtures, and a sound system resulting in an inviting surrounding. Needless to say, these automobiles ooze the perfect combination of rugged rust and chic style.

The Coastal Crust truck was created to cater the freshest pizza in the most creative way possible by pairing gourmet recipes and locally grown ingredients with the casually elegant esthetic that the Harvester has to offer. Brian makes a point to buy the freshest locally grown fruits and veggies for his pizza toppings from local farmer’s markets in the Charleston area. Brian’s fresh shopping list results in a Coastal Crust favorite which marries the sweetness of a truffle honey base combined with peaches to the crunchiness of caramelized onions and crispy bacon onto a pizza. To accompany such a pie the Coastal Crust offers refreshing salads, cool Italian Gelato, and Haypenny S’mores.

With beer on tap and an espresso machine the baby blue Ford can quench either a hot or cold thirsty craving. Brian keeps it local by offering Holy City and Westbrook beers, both brewed in Charleston, and roasted coffee from the King Bean coffee company located in North Charleston. Brian even sets up a beer and wine tasting station at every event so party-goers choose exactly what their palates are craving.

It’s evident that love and dedication has been built into both the trucks and his pizzas, so next time Coastal Crust rolls by, make sure and get a slice.

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