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Save the Date: May 4th is the Lowcountry’s Dining with Friends celebration!

Lady in Red Artwork  
Robert Lange's 'Lady in Red' / Courtesy of Lowcountry AIDS Services

It is hard to believe but this year marks the 21st anniversary of Dining with Friends in Charleston. This event, celebrated on May 4th, benefits the Lowcountry AIDS Services (LAS) who for 30 years have offered information about prevention of HIV as well as support, education, and advocacy for people affected by HIV and AIDS. Dining with Friends is an evening when we all are encouraged to hold dinner parties with friends and family as a way to support this crucial organization. Your party can be as fancy or as casual as you would like, as LAS reminds us, anything goes- from black tie to BBQ! Or how about a night at the Casbah, a crawfish boil, maybe indulge in a traditional Frogmore stew, or the not-so-traditional murder mystery party, really anything goes! MG 2503 copy

Feature_Lowcountry Aids
Jill Hooper's 'Le Volpe e L'Uva' / Courtesy of Lowcountry AIDS Services

LAS will help you by providing invitations, donation envelopes, posters, ribbons and did I mention the afterparty? At 9 pm all of the evening’s revelers will meet at Venue 549 in downtown Charleston to celebrate the evening with champagne, official DWF cocktails, desserts from Charleston’s noted chefs, and a first-time ever pairing of locally brewed beer and locally crafted chocolate! Yes, yes and yes! If you are looking for a great reason to celebrate, Dining with Friends is it! Mark your calendars, compile your guest list and get cooking! Find out more and register your party.

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