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Meat Me in the Middle

Meat Me in the Middle
Roast Beef Sandwich / Photos by Andrew Cebulka

The art of sandwichery can be an elusive thing. It’s more than slapping a piece of meat between two slices of bread. If you know what you’re doing—and the planets are aligned—you can make something extraordinary. No one knows this fact better than Craig Deihl of Artisan Meat Share in Charleston, South Carolina. Part butcher shop, part lunch counter, AMS transforms the simple act of stacking ingredients into something equal parts low- and highbrow, rustic, and refined. Deihl surely developed these recipes with flavor in mind—and there’s certainly plenty of that—but there’s also a handcrafted, get-your-hands-dirty aspect reminiscent of true artisanship. These sandwiches, piled high with homemade pickles, hand-mixed mayonnaises, and carefully created condiments, take their individual parts and combine them into something universal: sandwiches that transcend personal tastes and styles and strive to answer the bigger, cosmic questions. Like, “How long ‘til lunch?”

Chef Deihl’s recipes

Pâté Melt
Roast Beef Sandwich
Pastrami Sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich

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