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Serious Black Friday Snacks


Shopping on Black Friday is not for the faint of heart. Crowded parking lots and long lines are the price savvy shoppers pay for holiday deals. It’s best to face the day with a full stomach and lots of stamina so keep your shopping day moving with snacks you can tote along the way.

Antioxidant Smoothie

Beverage April 2012
Antioxidant Smoothie from Sherri Jacobs of Charleston, South Carolina.

Drink your calories and stay on the move with a refreshing antioxidant smoothie containing beets, cabbage, pears, and cherries.

Sugared Pecans

Photo by Andrea Behrends
Sugared Pecans from Pastry Chef Rebekah Turshen of City House, Nashville, Tennessee.

The sweet and salty flavors of Sugared Pecans make them deliciously addictive so make a double-batch, one to take shopping and one to present to your favorite holiday hostess.

Extreme Chocolate Biscotti

Photo by Andrew Cebulka  
Extreme Chocolate Biscotti from Chef Hedy Goldsmith of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami, Florida

 Elevate the experience of drinking coffee from a paper to-go cup by coupling it with Extreme Chocolate Biscotti. It is a decadent chocolate cookie made with rich cocoa powder and dark chocolate that will keep even the krankiest shopper smiling.


Photo by Nick Simonite
Granola from Chef Alex Gates of Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin, TX

 Granola is a favorite food for hikers because it is easy to carry and super nutritious, which also makes it ideal as a shopping pick me up. Maple syrup and dried cranberries give this Texas granola a festive flair.

Antioxidant Smoothie

Photo by Andrea Behrends
Mango Vanilla Lassi from Maneet Chauhan of Chauhan Ale & Masala House, Nashville, Tennessee.

Vodka optional? Maneet Chauhan’s Mango Vanilla Lassi will satisfy small cravings for those on the run.

Spicy Cheese Leaves

Spicy Cheese Leaves. Recipe provided by Damon Lee Fowler from Essentials of Southern Cooking (Lyons Press/December 2013)

Plan on making a double batch of Spicy Cheese Leaves too because while they are great for nibbling between shopping destinations, and they are also a go-to snack for your holiday soirée.