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Show a Little Love in Your Heart

Photo by Stephanie Burt
Photo by Stephanie Burt


Warning: sappy text ahead.

I can’t help it though. Back in the Day Bakery does that to me. We featured the Days in a recent issue, and so it was a pleasure to visit once again last week while in Savannah.

This is a place that exudes love. Everything just feels good. The decor. The smiles you receive from the staff, the way your tongue tingles at just a hint of heat in the Mexican hot chocolate cookie. This destination bakery truly is a special place, not just because it’s filled with vintage details or delicious baked goods, but because it is a place where the intent is obviously a happy one.

It’s evident that this master-baking couple wants to communicate happiness through a little baked goodie, and give us all a brief respite in a sunny spot under a mobile of marshmallows, served by a kind wait staff donned in vintage bandanas and aprons. It could have come off as contrived, but it doesn’t. It is simply the perfect environment for enjoying rosemary chicken salad sandwiches and mini-cupcakes.

On the day we visited last week, there were people waiting in a long line to order lunch, and more people waiting to take a picture with Cheryl, who genuinely and graciously obliged. No one seemed harried, or too hungry, or in a rush. Not even Cheryl. Everyone was just happy to be there (including me), even though the place was packed.

So on this Memorial Day, take time to enjoy communicating, or communing together, through food, a la Back in the Day Bakery. Enjoying sharing those frosty beverages together, whip out that pickled shrimp recipe you’ve been dying to try, or forgive Uncle Joe for overcooking your burger and enjoy his tales instead. Enjoying your time together is one of the most patriotic things you can do. Happy eating!

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