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Simple Recipes for the Fourth

Chances are, your Fourth of July plans revolve around food—be it grilling out, packing a picnic, or putting together a spread for family—more than ever this year. Whether you’re sticking close to home or finding a secluded spot to enjoy some outdoor time, we’ve got the recipes to kick off your holiday weekend.

The folks at Nashville’s Butchertown Hall are masters of easy-going grilling. Take the pork asada: Once the meat is marinated, you’re going from fridge to taco in ten minutes or less. The same goes for their street corncoated in a savory chile-butter and grilled to perfection.

Or take a hint from the brothers behind Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. They had the mains for their decadent spread catered—perfect if you don’t have the patience for low-and-slow—and whipped up some stellar sides to go with. We’re partial to their port-poached cherry salad and cheddar fritters with spicy aioliBlend up a batch of frozen old fashioneds and you’ve got all your bases covered.

Nothing starts a summer party like boozy fruit, but forget whatever you mixed up in your college dorm room. Our grown-up version involves watermelon, tequila, and a sprinkle of Tajin. (Pro tip: freeze the watermelon between soaking and sprinkling for a killer antidote to a hot summer night.) 

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