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Sippin’ on Scotch

Sippin’ on Scotch
Text by By Sydni Hebert / Photos by Briana Brough and Tim Hussey

Being a magazine that focuses on the food culture of the South, its only natural that we love Scotch. Here at TLP we have rounded up some places with delightfully large collections, all waiting to be sampled by the Scotch enthusiast. These are the kinds of places you go to savor your faithful favorite or introduce your palate to something new. Either way, prepare to be impressed.

First on our list is a place that was created with Scotch lovers in mind. With four locations throughout Austin, Opal Divine’s has been serving up Scotch to Texans since March of 2000. When founded, their goal was to become Austin’s first bar dedicated to Single Malt Scotch Whisky and success they did find. They now have over 70 bottles in their “Malt Vault” from all the whisky producing regions of Scotland. They even host an annual “Opal’s Single Malt Whisky Festival” where you can sample over 80 single malts. Sound like Scotch heaven to us.

Then there’s 219 West in Austin, TX where they are doing things their own way and still pleasing everyone. They have created 6 different menus for the ultimate beverage pairing experience. They even have one for, you guessed it, Scotch. Choose from over 25 Scotches then select your perfectly paired tapas and entrée. Finish your meal with blonde brownies ala mode and go home smiling for sure.

North Carolina hosts the Gallery Restaurant located at the elegant Ballentyne Hotel of Charlotte. Choose from over 60 different Scotches on the menu and enjoy yourself in the luxurious Forbes Four Star restaurant. Cozy up to the Gallery Bar and sample something from the seasonal farm-to-table inspired menu while you enjoy your smooth Scotch in an intimate setting.

Also in North Carolina is The Players’ Retreat in Raleigh. Here you will find the largest single malt Scotch selection in the state of North Carolina. That’s over 62 single malt Scotches! Wow. For those hoping to track their Scotch experiences, The Players’ Retreat has a Single Malt Scotch Club in which you can become a True Scotsman. Meaning you have sampled over 48 Single Malts from all over Scotland- pretty impressive. But if you only sample half that amount you still become an Honorary Scotsman- perfect for those new to the world of Scotch.

Next time you are in the mood for Scotch and find yourself in the Sunshine State, head to the Meat Market in the hot city of Miami. Relatively new to the South Beach dining scene, Meat Market offers a sexier, more glamorous take on the traditional steak house. Pull up a seat at the super chic bar and choose from 30 Scotches on their menu- the perfect ending or beginning to a hot Miami night out on the town.

Should you find yourself in Atlanta and in need of some Scotch, you’re in luck because the perfect place is only a short distance away. Take a quick half hour trip to Little Alley Steak in Roswell, well worth the short 15 mile journey. This top-notch charcuterie boasts over an impressive 100 Scotches on their menu, all to be enjoyed in a perfectly hip atmosphere. “The former antique shop has been transformed with refurbished brick, reclaimed wood and white subway tiles, track lighting fashioned from meat hooks and seating areas of booths and tables situated between low walls.” Does this sound like the perfect scotch sipping setting or what? Furthermore, their Single Malt Scotches are organized by region which might help you make your selection (hopefully).

Last, but certainly not least, offering an impressive 300 plus Scotches (cue jaw drop) is The Cove found the in capital city in front of Baton Rouge, LA. If you are someone who sincerely enjoys Scotch, this is a place you must visit. They have an entire booklet of Scotches (20 pages to be exact) to choose from organized alphabetically, including the year, region of origin as well as tasting notes. What more could you ask for? This really is the perfect place for the true Scotch connoisseur. Not only are you sure to find your trusty favorites, but you’ll also find hundreds of others to try (in multiple visits, of course!).