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Six Places to Snag an Excellent Salmon Tartare  

Photo by Hayley Phillips
Photo by Hayley Phillips

Salmon doesn’t run in the south, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of great places to enjoy the fatty favorite (fatty in all those good, omega-3 ways).

Thanks to aquaculture and the miracles of refrigeration, pescetarians now have the advantage of being able to enjoy their favorite filets just about anytime and anywhere, including way down south where the fish don’t swim.

At a recent aquculture conference, I had the opportunity to taste farmed salmon alongside wild caught Alaskan Sockeye. I am a big salmon fan and I have to say I liked both, and I wasn’t alone. Their color was certainly distinct (what gives salmon its perfect pearly-orange color is the cartenoid pigments from consuming the tiny shellfish and krill only accessible in the wild), as well as their flavor profiles, but the crowd was actually 50/50 in terms of a favorite. What does that mean for the salmon enthusiast like myself? Flavorful, high-quality tartare can be had all year round.

Here are six spots serving up salmon tartare NOW!

Urbana, Washington DC
Orange, radishes and fennel give this tartare a twist.

Semilla Eatery and Bar, Miami FL
The classic execution sprinkled with sesame seeds

Tapasitas, Austin TX
You can’t beat this happy hour special – salmon tartare for $5!

O-Ku, Charleston SC
Comes with a wasabi guacamole that will create cravings.

Nobu, Dallas TX
Complete with caviar.

Charleston, Baltimore MD
Crème fraiche and crispy potatoes make this salmon oh-so-savory.


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