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By: The Local Palate

We all know that fresh food tastes better—you just have to know where it’s being served!

That’s why the South Carolina Department of Agriculture created Fresh on the Menu, a program dedicated to helping dining patrons locate and identify restaurants across South Carolina committed to serving Certified South Carolina ingredients.

You can find Fresh on the Menu restaurants featuring good, local eats in every corner of the state, with new restaurants added every week. And good food doesn’t have to hurt your wallet either. Fresh on the Menu has a diverse group of members, from the 114-year-old Columbia chicken spot Drake’s Duck-In, to the highly touted Charleston fish house, Hank’s. Fresh on the Menu has options for all tastes and budgets!

In addition to the restaurant locator, Fresh on the Menu is a hub for your favorite local restaurants to share some of their classic recipes, like a delicious corn cake from The Lazy Goat in Greenville, certified collard greens from The Blue Marlin in Columbia, or a tasty she-crab soup from Charleston Grill.

When restaurants make the choice to serve local ingredients, it’s a win-win for everyone. You get better tasting food on your plate while also helping to support South Carolina’s hard-working farmers. The Fresh on the Menu program aims to help connect farmers, wholesalers, broadliners, and food hubs with restaurants to streamline sourcing and ensure that chefs have the ingredients they need to serve their diners.

Whether you’re a South Carolina native or just visiting one of the state’s beautiful destinations—next time you dine out, make sure you’re visiting a Fresh on the Menu member. It’s a matter of taste. Find a restaurant near you now.

South Carolina chefs interested in joining the Fresh on the Menu program can learn more from the Join page on the Fresh on the Menu website.

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