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By: The Local Palate

Moffett Restaurant Group is proud to be a part of the Charlotte community and we’re proud of the customers who have dined with us over the years.

Things in recent months have been anything but normal. However, we have remained open and we’re here to weather the storm with you. You have supported our businesses for nearly 20 years, and we hope to have your continued support now more than ever.

We have recently pivoted and are now open for takeout and are happy to continue serving our neighborhoods.

Good Food is now serving take and bake options as well as family friendly dinners and pork belly steam buns. Barrington’s is offering some of our signature comfort food dishes such as spring onion soup and pan roasted chicken. Stagioni is offering handmade pasta and brick oven pizza while NC•Red will address your fried chicken and fixin’s cravings.

Our takeout schedule is Tuesday-Saturday 3:00-8:30. Feel free to call any time after 1 pm to place an order and schedule a pickup time.

When you get to the point you just can’t stand the thought of cooking one more meal, reach out.

Stay well, eat well.

Barrington’s (704) 364-5755

Good Food (704) 525-0881

Stagioni (704) 372-8110

NC•Red (704) 321-4716

– The Moffett Restaurant Group Family

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