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Sweet Potato Salad is a Sweet Variation

Sweet Potato Salad is a Sweet Variation
Chef Art Jennette of Checker BBQ, Jacksonville, FL / Photo by Amy Pezzicara

I just don’t understand the whole hubbub about sweet potato fries. I’ve seen people almost jump out of their restaurant seat with glee when they hear the server list them as a side option, but I always go for the “regular” fries.

In fact, I had always been “meh” about sweet potatoes until a few years ago when I had ones smashed with chipotle and a generous amount of butter. Now I can’t get enough. Sweet potato soup, roasted sweet potatoes sprinkled with Chinese five-spice powder, and baked sweet potatoes (again with that generous amount of butter) are now some of my home kitchen go-tos.

I’m adding this recipe from Checker BBQ & Seafood in Jacksonville, Florida, to the list. One bite, and you’re likely to add it to your go-to list as well.

Sweet Potato Salad
from Chef Art Jennette of Checker BBQ & Seafood, Jacksonville, FL