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Tableaux: A Local’s Guide to Charleston

By: Erin Byers Murray

Welcome to Tableaux, a magazine devoted entirely to the fun and tasty bits of the Holy City. What to eat, where to drink, how to spend your days. Consider this your guide to all that Charleston has to offer, whether you’re a lifelong resident or visiting the city for the first time.

Cover of Tableaux magazine issue, featuring Darius Rucker.
Cover of Tableaux featuring Darius Rucker’s guide to the Lowcountry

Each year, we set out to comb the city in search of the restaurants, bars, cafes, coffeehouses, and breweries that give Charleston its culinary identity. We also pull together the many activities that will fill your days with fun and adventure in between the good bites. This ranges from water sports and hikes to international markets and historic stops.

Want to get to know a few locals? Check out our interviews with some of the city’s most plugged-in residents who share insider guides to their own neighborhoods. This issue is filled with handy cheat sheets and itineraries—we hope it becomes your go-to guide for exploring all there is to love in this town.

Tableaux is brought to you by the team at the Local Palate, where we’re passionate about telling the stories behind the people, places, and foodways that make up this diverse and dynamic culinary region. Tableaux takes that same approach with Charleston. Follow along with us, and our team of experts, as we explore the many communities that make up one of the hottest travel destinations in the country. Thank you for reading and for following along with us!

Erin Byers Murray
Editor in Chief

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