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Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey
Photos by Andrew Cebulka


Somewhere along the way, we drove Norman Rockwell’s vision of Thanksgiving into a ditch. The turkey was once a noble centerpiece but in many homes, it’s become more obligation than holiday treat and more hollow symbol than sumptuous focal point. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We came up with three ways to resuscitate the Thanksgiving turkey.

Roasting is the go-to in turkey preparation: It’s what most of us grew up on. The method is far from foolproof, however, capable of leaving birds either underdone or overcooked. Our roasting recipe employs a brine, a little butter, and a tinfoil trick to ensure even cooking. If you want to free up the oven and try something a little different, take a look at our grilled turkey. Not only does it absorb all the smoky flavors of the fire, our spice rub gives it an extra jolt of holiday heat. Finally, there’s deep frying. Though it may sound scary, following a few simple safety guidelines results not only in an unsinged chef, but also in a turkey that emerges from the oil perfectly done with a super crisp skin.

Our easy-to-follow steps, handy tips, and nifty timesavers are sure to help simplify your holiday cooking. All three of our recipes will let you prepare the perfect turkey in peace, freeing up your mind to focus on your guests and all of those yummy sides. Whichever way you choose, your Thanksgiving will be positively Rockwellian.

Turkey Brine
Turkey Dry Rub

Roast Turkey
Grilled Turkey
Fried Turkey

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