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The Beta 900 Comes to Charleston

Chad Waldrop, of the newly opened Garcia’s Tortilla House in Charleston, South Carolina, has seen “the light” when it comes to tortillas. Although he is from South Carolina, his wife is from San Antonio, and it was there he got his first taste of a fresh soft flour tortilla: warm and pliable with just the right amount of tooth to be a little chewy and still hold up to cremas, guacamole, and generous shakes of hot sauce.

Photo by Hayley Philips Photo by Hayley Philips
Photo by Hayley Phillips

Now he and his business partner, Jessica Wilkie, are upping the tortilla game in Charleston with the Beta 900, an industrial tortilla-making machine that lives behind a glass partition in the restaurant’s space on Spring Street. When this machine is operating at its full capacity, it can crank out 900 flour tortillas in an hour, which means that every offering at Garcia’s comes wrapped in one of these, as fresh as they get. If you visit, the Chorizo and Egg Breakfast taco is the best choice for a taste of what I mean.

But there’s too much soft flour tortilla love to stay at one restaurant. Garcia’s is already selling tortillas retail by the dozen, and it only follows that Charleston restaurants would be interested in a wholesale option as well. There’s always more to go around–the Beta 900 is here.

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