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Our Boozy Solution to Surviving the Holidays

Our Boozy Solution to Surviving the Holidays
Written by Margaret Loftus | Photos by Andrew Cebulka | Styling by Angela Hall

Your Rx for Holiday Nerves

Corral a bunch of folks who have little in common besides a workplace, relative, neighborhood, or, say, kickball team (i.e., most every holiday gathering) and you’re bound to rattle a few nerves. Lucky for those of us who fall into that category, the bartenders behind Ticonderoga Club—a cozy concept bar tucked inside Atlanta’s Krog Street Market that could double as a secret hideout movie set for Wes Anderson—mix a pitch-perfect pre-party nip. Equal parts gin, fino sherry, and blanc-style vermouth, the Nerve Pill drinks like a martini but richer and rounder—and without the boozy burn. In a season that skews spicy, dark, and heavy, the cocktail is remarkably refreshing. And true to its name, it settles the nerves, but with less of a wallop. “This is what we would consider a quaffable cocktail,” says bar manager Evan Milliman. “And maybe you can have a second or third without being too in the bag.”

Nerve Pill

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