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The Holiday Entertaining Issue is Here

By: The Local Palate

This year, whether you’re opening your doors for some long-awaited social interaction, cozying up at home with your nearest and dearest, or sneaking away for a much-needed vacation, we’ve laid the groundwork for you to make the most of the holiday season. Make hosting duties easier with a few foolproof staple recipes. The Park Cafe’s turkey roulade has starred in our Thanksgiving lineups since we first published the recipe in 2018. It nails the perfect meat-to-stuffing ratio, cooks in a fraction of the time a whole bird takes, and is virtually impossible to dry out (thanks to an overnight wet-brine). Or skip the heavy meal in favor of a spread made for grazing; our New Year’s Eve menu walks you through it with some pro tips on building the perfect cheese board and shucking oysters at home. We’ve even got your Christmas list covered with the launch of our new Local Palate Marketplace, a curated collection of artisan goods from makers across the South.

Whatever your holidays may look like this year, we hope this compendium of holiday favorites brings a little joy from our table to yours. Here’s hoping for a New Year where we can all find a little rhythm in the chaos.

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