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The Edible Gift Guide

The Edible Gift Guide
OLIVE OIL CAKE. Photos by Jennifer Hitchcock.

Dear Guest,

As your holiday host, we truly are appreciative of the chocolates or bottle of wine you plan to bestow as a token of thanks for coming to our super sweet soirée. We know that your popular self is inundated with invites during this time of year and keeping it simple is the name of the game. But please don’t condemn us for falling all over ourselves in elation at the guest who comes in behind you. I mean, she brought us that versatile sweet and savory stunner known as olive oil cake. Then, along comes the neighbor who pickled sunchokes for us, and our jubilation skyrockets. The next fellow bears homemade limoncello, completing a trifecta of gifts that renews our belief in holiday magic. We now have brunch for our out-of-town guests, an evening appetizer for the in-law who drops in, and that late-night nip we’ll surely need once this shindig wraps up. It’s not that we won’t appreciate re-gifting those chocolates. It’s just that these gifts really impress us. In case you have a change of heart, here’s how to make them. Cheers!

—Your Grateful Host.

An Edible Gift Guide,
from Savory to Citrus to Sweet.

Jerusalem Artichoke Quick Pickles >>

The Local Palate Edible Gift Guide

Homemade Limoncello >>

The Local Palate Edible Gift Guide Limoncello  

Olive Oil Cake >>

The Local Palate Edible Gift Guide3
Olive Oil Cake

Ginger and Pecan Brittle >>

The Local Palate Edible Gift Guide4

Thumbprint Cookies with Lemon Curd >>

The Local Palate Edible Gift Guide5
Thumbprint Cookies with Lemon Curd

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