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The Pinkest Party in Macon, Georgia

By: The Local Palate

Each spring, Macon, Georgia, transforms into the pinkest party on earth as over 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees reach full bloom. These pretty petals have been a city staple for many years. Reaching peak bloom for ten days, it seems the blossoms leave as quickly as they arrive.

Why is Macon home to so many of these amazing trees? It all started in 1949 when Macon native William A. Fickling discovered a unique and unrecognized tree blossoming in his yard. Later discovering it was a Yoshino cherry tree, Fickling decided to distribute the trees amongst his family. Nearly forty years later, Carolyn Crayton, another Macon native, created the Cherry Blossom Festival as a way to celebrate the principles of “love, beauty, and international friendship.”

Beginning in 1982, the Cherry Blossom Festival is deeply rooted in the city. The ten-day festival includes more than thirty events, celebrating the cherry trees. This year, from March 18 to 27, Macon will be buzzing with activity.

Take a two-hour Cherry Blossom Riding Trail Tour and see the areas most densely populated with our cherry trees. Head to Carolyn Crayton Park where you can ride the traditional carnival rides, see live acts, and dine on delicious foods. Attend the free annual parade that includes local marching bands and more. Dance the night away to an amazing variety of music from Rock the 90s and Arrested Development to Niko Moon and Walker Hayes.

While you’re in town, join in on the fun for the Wiener Dog Race or come enjoy the free ice cream and donuts during the Third Street Park Festivities. Stick around for the gourmet foods at the Food Truck Frenzy and send the festival off with a hot air balloon show and rides featuring live music by Macon Pops.

Explore More in Macon

Known for its rich history, incredible architecture, vibrant downtown, and soulful heritage, there’s plenty to experience outside of the festival while you’re in Macon. Explore over 17,000 years of history at Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park. Tour the Hay House, lovingly nicknamed “Palace of the South,” and see 18,000 square-feet of stunning architecture. Immerse yourself in Macon’s musical history, where you’ll learn about Southern music’s most infamous players.

Follow your nose and dine at one of the many local restaurants offering an array of options from burgers to tacos to fine dining and more. Grab a couple of drinks with friends and listen to live music at one of Macon’s music venues and bars. Known as the “Festival Capitol of Georgia,” there are annual events and festivals throughout the year that will have you traveling back to Macon in no time.

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