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The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Cookies from Chef Deb Paquette of Etch in Nashville, Tennessee. Photos by Christina Oxford.

Chef Deb Paquette at Etch in Nashville, Tennessee is craving chocolate on Easter after 40 long days without it. She’s been taking on the task of giving up chocolate for Lent since she was a kid and has subsequently perfected her chocolate chip cookie recipe for the optimal sugar buzz. Now, the chef and cookie enthusiast has created this flawless, ultra-chocolaty cookie that contains five different types of chips like butterscotch, and milk and dark chocolates plus she adds an extra kick with cayenne and black pepper. For the ultimate salute to Easter, Chef Paquette warms the cookie with a caramel-filled chocolate egg on the top which she cracks open just before eating, for an extreme molten caramel and chocolate cookie experience. Try the cookie with the caramel egg for Easter, but you will want to keep the cookie recipe handy to enjoy year round  with or without the caramel egg.

Easter Chocolate Chip Cookies
From Chef Deb Paquette of Etch in Nashville, Tennessee