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Three Kitchen Staples I Don’t Want to Be Without

Three Kitchen Staples I Don’t Want to Be Without
Photo by Olivia Rae James and Andrew Cebulka


There are so many fabulous kitchen gadgets out there, and I am a sucker for them! I love playing with kitchen gadgets, seeing how they’ll make my life easier, or more productive. I can spend hours in kitchen supply stores, and my kids are quickly following in my footsteps.

However, if you hold me to it, there are three things that I absolutely must have in my kitchen. These three things never fail me, and with these, I can do just about anything:

  1. A good cast iron skillet, preferably one that’s been seasoned with generations of love, food, and history. I have a plethora of cast iron skillets and pans, but my favorite is a 12” skillet. I fry chicken, chicken fried steaks, bake cornbread andcobblers in it; sear roasts, steaks, and burgers. It’s one of the most versatile items in my kitchen.
  2. Aprons. My favorite apron is one passed down from my Granny. It’s a half-apron and has a hand towel sewn on one side and a pocket on the other. I love to find aprons in thrift stores and garage sales, but I’m currently completely crushing on Emily Ellyn’s Kitchen Couture Aprons—especially this pretty in Paris one!
  3. A really excellent knife. The Wusthoff Chef Knife a must have. It’s dishwasher safe, has a lifetime warranty, and will cut through vegetables like butter! A good knife is essential to making prep work a breeze.

Now, time for me to get back in my Texas kitchen and get cooking!

Editor’s Note: Rachel reminded us how good fried chicken can be (in case we could forget!) when she tested one of TLP’s recipes in her kitchen yesterday. Check out the tasty results here.

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