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Three Must-try South Carolina Schnitzels?

The German flag proudly flies in Prosperity, SC.

Authentic, old-time German Country cooking is the driving inspiration behind Gasthaus Zur Elli where Wendy Steiner (known as Mrs. Wendy by all of the locals) is the chef and owner. Since I grew up in Prosperity, she is my “Mrs. Wendy” too.

Mrs. Wendy was born in Brinfeld, Germany. Mentored to become a chef by her mother, every dish from her soup and salad appetizers, to serving War Steiner beer, were traditions her mother passed down.

Entering the restaurant, the pounding sound of tenderizing meat and the laughter of Mrs. Wendy’s guests often greet you at the door. And then you notice the seating arrangements. The German restaurant seats as many unfamiliar guests together as possible in order to bring a since of community to the evening, creating an old world dining experience.

But as much as I love the atmosphere, I am here for the food; I get down to business. Here are my top three schnitzel bites, and seated next to strangers or note, you’ll stick around to finish them all:

  1. The Original Schnitzel. Tenderized and boneless, crispy pork, chicken or veal that is served with red cabbage, potatoes, bacon, garlic and lemon.
  2. Jaegerschnitzel. Topped with a mushroom sauce and served with spätzle and green beans cooked with onions and bacon fat.
  3. Rahmschnitzel. Also covered in a mushroom-based sauce, but has more of a salty flavor than the Jaegershnitzel. It comes with a side of green beans and Kartoffel Brei (traditional mashed potatoes).
Photos courtesy of Gasthause Zur Elli
Photos courtesy of Gasthause Zur Elli


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