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Three Romantic Cocktails for the Big Night


Opening a bottle of bubbly on Valentine’s Day is simple enough, but why not wow your love with a special made-for-Valentine’s Day cocktail? We asked bartenders and mixologists from around the South for their favorite romantic cocktails and were given concoctions like Netflix & Pillowtalk from Blake Pope of Kindred in Davidson, North Carolina. Blake blends gin and apple brandy with a bit of vanilla-infused syrup and lavendar bitters for what he calls a “sexy connotation.” Meanwhile, Alex Jump of Easy Bistro in Chattanooga, Tennessee will be mixing up The Mountain Rose. “It is a perfect cocktail to start off a Valentines dinner because it’s low in alcohol, bright and bubbly, and of course it’s pink. It pairs well with cheeses, lighter food, and pairs well with dessert—creme brûlée comes to mind,” explains Jump. Finally, Assistant beverage director Daisy Ryan of Josephine House in Austin, Texas delivers a champagne cocktail that combines an agricole rum with lime juice and simple syrup. According to Ryan, “Adding Champagne and Angostura bitters to a classic daiquiri is like putting a perfectly cut dress on an already beautiful woman…she doesn’t need it, but damn she looks good. This cocktail is great for Valentine’s Day not only because it’s really beautiful, but it maintains the sophistication & celebratory nature of drinking champagne and creates more of a unique drinking experience.”

Photo courtesy of Kindred

Netflix & Pillowtalk

From Blake Pope of Kindred in Davidson, North Carolina


Photo by Alex Hill

Mountain Rose

From Alex Jump of Easy Bistro in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Photo courtesy of Josephine's House

Breezy’s Daiquiri 

From Daisy Ryan of Josephine House in Austin, Texas