Uncork Virginia Charm in King George

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Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Virginia’s riverside, King George County offers a delightful escape for wine enthusiasts. Two distinct family- and pet-friendly wineries, Backporch Vineyard and the Estate at White Hall Vineyard, beckon visitors with their unique charm, delectable wines, and picturesque settings. 

A Casual Sip 

True to its name, Backporch Vineyard invites you to unwind in a welcoming atmosphere. This family-owned winery boasts a beautiful barn tasting room—the perfect spot to sample their handcrafted wines. 

The inside of the modern Backporch wine tasting farmhouse with overhanging lights and photos covering the walls.

With extended tasting hours, Fridays and Saturdays are prime times to visit. Whether you prefer crisp whites, fruity reds, or something in between, Backporch Vineyard has something to please every palate. The Freeman’s Red Oak is a best-seller and named after the person who donated the lumber used to build the Backporch barn. Mr. Freeman acquired the red oak from aiding his neighbors after a hurricane and decided to give it a new life. 

Feeling peckish after tasting their wine? Pair it with a charcuterie board, pizza, fresh pretzel and more for a delightful afternoon experience. The kitchen is also happy to adjust for dietary restrictions. In the summer, sip your wine slushie while rocking in your chair on the porch. 

Beyond the delicious wines, Backporch Vineyard embraces the spirit of community. They frequently host events featuring live music and local artisans, making it a great place to mingle with fellow wine lovers. 

A Grape Escape 

For a touch of elegance, the Estate at White Hall Vineyard offers a sophisticated wine experience. This historic estate, boasting stunning views of the vineyard, creates a pastoral landscape. 

The Estate at White Hall's wine tasting room in the main rustic-style bar with several wooden tables surrounding the room.

Step into their welcoming tasting room and embark on a journey through their many award-winning wines. Knowledgeable staff will guide you through their selection, highlighting the unique characteristics of each wine. Their iconic Lucky Goat line of wines was named after their goats ate through their newly, handplanted grape vines.  

The Estate at White Hall Vineyard also offers sangria, and during the summer, wine slushies to help you cool down on a hot Virginia day. Most weekends, the winery hosts a local food truck, and picnics are encouraged to enjoy the views. 

The Estate at White Hall Vineyard goes beyond the tasting room, offering an escape for RV travelers. They participate in the Harvest Hosts program, allowing self-contained RVs to park overnight on the scenic property. Wake up to breathtaking vineyard views, enjoy a delicious wine tasting, and learn about the winemaking process from experts.

A customer being served a wine glass at the Backporch Vineyard.
A Wine Adventure Awaits 

Backporch Vineyard and the Estate at White Hall Vineyard offer contrasting yet complementary experiences. Whether you seek a casual afternoon on the back porch or a gorgeous escape, these vineyards cater to every wine lover’s desire. 

Beyond the wines, both vineyards offer a charming atmosphere for special occasions. Host your wedding or private event amidst the picturesque backdrop of the wineries, creating lasting memories. 

Plan your weekend getaway and discover the charm of Virginia wine country. The riverside awaits you in King George County with its natural beauty, delectable wines, and warm hospitality. 

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