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What to do with Whey

What to do with Whey
Shrimp with Coconut Broth and Rice Noodles. Photos by Christina Oxford.

If you have ever made cheese, then you know about whey, the liquid drained from the curd in the cheesemaking process. Compared to the amount of cheese that is produced in a typical batch, there is a lot of whey leftover. People have been trying to find uses for this by-product for as long as they have been making cheese. Whey has been used as a substitute for buttermilk in baking, a healthy addition to smoothies, as a liquid for cooking grains and pastas, and even as a face mask and hair conditioner.

Rod Weaver began his whey business to find a use for all of they whey that was being produced in the Husk kitchen in Charleston, South Carolina. His goal was to make a whey that could be incorporated into his cocktail repertoire at the Bar at Husk — as well as sipped straight from the bottle! He uses natural ingredients to produce 3 varieties: Grapefruit and Agave, Orange and Honey and Lime and Coconut. In addition to all of its other uses, whey makes a great marinade for meat because the enzymes in the whey help break down the meat and add flavor. We tasted the Lime and Coconut Whey and knew it would be a tasty addition to an Asian inspired dish, so we whipped up this Shrimp with Coconut Broth and Rice Noodles.

Shrimp with Coconut Broth and Rice Noodles
From The Local Palate Test Kitchen

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