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Where is the Number to the Toffee Hotline?

Is there a toffee hotline? If so, I need one. I’m really not proud of this, but I can’t seem to stop the oversharing. Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve successfully consumed two wholesale portions of Walker Creek Almond Toffee out of Tennessee. Just a smidgen now, I think, as I break off a piece. And of course, I need a bit with my afternoon tea, right? That’s only right. And now I’m down to my last piece.

Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock
Photo by Jennifer Hitchcock

I need help.

Chef Charles Phillips, formerly of 1808 Grille in Nashville (and now cooking at The Westin in St. Maarten) first turned me onto to Walker Creek Confections, so I’m not sure if I’m ready to take complete responsibility just yet.

“When we do not have time to make our own brittle. we buy Walker Creek Almond Toffee,” he said. “It is fantastic, and they also make some confections, like whiskey caramels. Yum.”

With a recommendation like that, I needed to conduct my own investigation. What I found was an exceptional candy full of browned butter flavor made by friendly people in a charming historic building in Watertown, Tennessee. You can special order 100% organic toffee as well, so of course, that’s practically guilt-free.

Since I’m on a sugar high, I can think of lots of reasons that right now is the right time for toffee: Ooh, wouldn’t that be nice to serve at a tailgate? Should I order now for the best Halloween treats ever? Maybe my book club would like some toffee on the party tray to make the discussion of character development that much sweeter?