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Wrapping up Peach Season with Proscuitto

Wrapping up Peach Season with Proscuitto
Photos courtesy of The Peach Truck

The very last of this season’s peaches have been plucked from Georgia trees and sold off the back of The Peach Truck, but the memory of that sweet, chin-dripping juice already has Nashville clamoring for more.

Created by Stephen and Jessica Rose, the brand launched in 2012 when the couple shipped 30 boxes of sweet, just-picked peaches from Georgia’s Pearson Farms, which is owned by Stephen’s family, up to Nashville and started selling them from the back of an old green Jeep. The concept took off, and this season (one of the best peach seasons in a decade, says Stephen) The Peach Truck sold close to half a million pounds at 30 locations around the city.

“It was amazing. Right out of the gate here in Nashville, people were ready,” he says.

This year also saw the harvest of the Pearson Berta peach, a not-so-attractive green but candy-sweet heirloom variety once prized across Georgia. Stephen says they were eventually phased out by grocery stores for “prettier” peaches but Pearson, intrigued by the growing interest in heirloom varieties at farmer’s market, decided it was time to bring it back.

“It’s a mindset,” says Stephen. “The tomato industry has done a wonderful job of telling you what a pretty tomato is [heirloom varieties are now prized], and we see the same opportunity to change people’s minds about peaches.”

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on any last-of-the-season fruit, try this classic appetizer. For a twist, add fresh basil and the southern sweetness of sorghum drizzled on top.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Peaches with Sorghum
from The Peach Truck of Nashville, TN

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