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Yeast Nashville

Written By Andrew Yontz


Often, chefs and bakers are described as artists whose creativity is expressed through food. A gastrique deftly painted across a plate, delicate flowers hand-piped on a cake’s edge, the comparisons are endless. After seeing the imagination and creativity it takes to both conceive a business and prepare delicious breakfast provisions, Bill and Sara of Yeast Nashville definitely fit the description. Whether carefully folding the edges of a kolache accented with a jalapeño slice, or simply daubing icing over their bestselling “above average cinnamon rolls,” their love and care for their community is expressed through their numerous baked goods much to the delight of Nashvillians.

Typically waking up at 5am is a burden, but waking up bright and early to spend time with this couple was a joy. The humility they have in telling their story is an accurate summation of their character. Bill and Sara told me, “We spent far too long working at jobs that were not satisfying to us. Aside from making a good living we didn’t have a good life…we decided the most logical thing to do was to open a bakery.” Everybody that eats at Yeast Nashville is glad Bill and Sara followed through on their idea.

This couple loves their customers and employees just as much as they love their product. Celebrated chef Christian Puglisi has said, “You often hear chefs praising produce and other raw materials as the main ingredient in great gastronomy. But they are not; it is the people.” It’s safe to say this translates to baking, and that Bill and Sara would wholeheartedly agree. Every time I’ve gone to visit the couple, I’ve seen one (if not both) of them engaging their customers.  From first-time visitors to loyal locals, they have an unbiased interest for everyone who walks through their door.  It was a treat to spend a few weeks with them. I enjoy breakfast most when it’s at Yeast Nashville.




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