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Fig Leaf Mojito

The Local Palate shares a mojito recipe that is sure to shine as it incorporates flavors of figs that you might not have tried before.

Nice Italian Boy Sandwich

Such a Nice Italian Boy Sandwich

This sandwich recipe is much more than your normal sandwich as it incorporates elevated ingredients like crunchy ciabatta and creamy burrata.

Seafood Cioppino made by Dean Neff of Seabird in Wilmington

Seabird’s Eastern Seafood Cioppino | Video

When it comes to the cioppino at Seabird, chef-owner Dean Neff admits to packing it into a quart container to sip on the drive home from work

Photograph of a family of four eating seafood at a restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Discover the Coast, Cocktails, and Cuisine on Alabama’s Beaches

The Local Palate shares the best places to grab a bite or a drink in Gulf Shores, Alabama as well as memorable activities to try.

Photograph of Ryan cade in a barn at R-C Ranch
At the Table

Grilling with R-C Ranch

Ryan Cade shares everything you need to know about grilling from knowledge of cuts to preparation recommendations.

Photograph of purple cupcakes sitting on a platter from a bakery
Dining Out

Sugar Bakeshop

Head to Sugar Bakeshop to experience the best bakery of your life where cupcakes and pies are paired with a beautiful Charleston scene.

photograph of pizza crust recipe finished with cheese and arugula topped on it

Best-Ever Skillet Pizza

This cast iron skillet pizza recipe from Skillet Love saves time, money, and flavor when you opt to whip out the skillet instead of delivery.

Photograph of the finished steak recipe in a skillet

Seared Rib-Eye Steak

This cast iron steak recipe showcases the best way to prepare a cut with the "reverse sear" method for thick cuts.

Photograph of this finished blueberry and lemon ricotta cake with a scoop of blueberries being served on the side

Blueberry-Lemon Ricotta Cake Recipe

This blueberry-lemon ricotta cake recipe incorporates fresh produce (of your choice) into the batter of this skillet cake.

Photograph of oysters on ice besides an Italian dipping sauce
Dining Out

Osteria Georgi

This modern-upscale Italian restaurant is the answer to where to eat in Chapel Hill as they offer rich classics and fresh ingredients.