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Emily Heintz, founder of Sèchey
Southern Makers

Zero Proof Living with Sèchey and Target

TLP sits down with Emily Heintz to discuss the Sèchey and Target partnership and how they are spearheading the zero proof movement.

bees being tended to to make mead
On the Road

The ABCs of Mead | Listen

Managing Editor, Emily Havener, sets out to find mead, the world’s oldest fermented beverage, on Florida’s Forgotten Coast.

Worship Chaleka mixing a cocktail
The Riff

Mixing Up Wonderland with Worship Chaleka

Meet Worship Chaleka, the Charleston mixologist at Proof bar infusing whimsical wintery spirits with childhood memories.

Portion of Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs & Juice cover
Cook the Book

Cook the Book: Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs & Juice

Emily Havener, explores cocktail recipes inspired by Black mixologists in Toni Tipton-Martin's latest: Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs & Juice.

TLP Featured Image

Worship Chaleka’s Boulevardier

Worship Chaleka enjoys a boulevardier in the winter, noting, “Nobody should be able to mess it up. You can’t really go wrong.”

Costa interior with yellow booths, blue chairs, and funky lighting
Dining Out

Dining Out: Costa

At Costa, chef Petrillo applies two principles: embracing the positive changes in the kitchen and being true to his southern Italian roots.

TLP Featured Image ()
From the Magazine

Dining in Style: Dressed to Impress

Discover handcrafted tableware that complements some of The Local Palate’s favorite recipes. Elevate your dining experience with the following selection. We love a statement piece, especially this time of year, when there are lots of reasons to celebrate and a beautiful table can brighten winter gloom. These [...]

n'duja oysters
Key Ingredient

Key Ingredient: How Do You N’duja?

Inspired by spice-ridden Calabrian cuisine, Chaz Lindsay’s key ingredient to his roasted oysters is firey n’duja, an Italian sausage spread.

TLP Featured Image
From the Magazine

A Natural Pair: Korean Recipes and Natural Wine Pairings

Discover how cookbook author Seung Hee Lee makes a perfect match of traditional Korean recipes and ow-impact wine pairings.

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Bookshelf: Thoughtful Cooking

William Dissen introduces Thoughtful Cooking, with recipes cultivated by sustainable agriculture, foraging, and cooking through the seasons.