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Road Trip

Fresh Bourbon in the Bluegrass Region

Managing editor, Emily Havener, guides us through her tasting at Fresh Bourbon in Lexington, a stop on her roadtrip through bourbon country.

Chef Sam Fore’s fried chicken is topped with zesty curry leaf salt and turmeric
At the Table

Turmeric and Buttermilk

Turmeric and Buttermilk: One Kentucky chef taps into her Southern and Sri Lankan heritage to spice up fried chicken with her signature blend.

A woman holds a plate of sushi in a kitchen.
Culinary Class

Sushi with Chef Marisa Baggett

Memphis sushi chef Marisa Baggett talks about reimagining how we think about sushi rolls while honoring tradition.

Three riffs on the negroni sit side by side on top of a table.
The Riff

Three Takes on the Negroni from Adiõs

Try these three unique takes on negroni cocktails from beverage director José Medina Camacho of Adiõs in Birmingham, Alabama.

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An Insider’s Guide to North Charleston and Summerville

Summerville and North Charleston may not draw crowds like the Charleston peninsula, but there is plenty to love about these diverse suburbs.

pitt bridge in Mount Pleasant, one of the northern islands

An Insider’s Guide to Mount Pleasant and Beaches

Mount Pleasant and surrounding beaches have a reputation for poshness, but they are home to longstanding local communities and enrichment.

From the Magazine

Letter From the Editor: Our Insider’s Guide To Charleston Is Here

The Local Palate officially unveils our insider's guide to Charleston. Read on for our noteworthy new favorites or our tried and true spots.

Low Alcohol Cocktail List

Bold, Batch-Sized Low-Alcohol Drinks

In Dallas, Apothecary is putting a new spin on low alcohol drinks featuring everything from mezcal to aperol and a range of savory flavors.

Interior of Keipi, one of the new restaurants in South Carolina
Dining Out

New Restaurants in South Carolina

TLP managing editor, Emily Havener, gives a tour of new restaurants in South Carolina with cuisine from Georgian feasting to Chihuahuan ribs.

Memorial Day Cocktail with pomegranate seeds

Memorial Day Cocktails for Summer Sippin’

TLP shares a round up of Memorial Day cocktails to showcase Southern-made spirits with recipes playing to the each spirit's strengths.