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Dishes served at a Florida restaurant
Dining Out

9 Noteworthy Florida Restaurants | Listen

From Miami to Orlando, Florida has a wide range of cuisines and high-end restaurants to discover during your next visit.

People enjoying food at a table at TÂM TÂM
Dining Out

Tâm Tâm

Tâm Tâm’s menu celebrates quán nhậu, a term for places in Vietnam where people go to drink and eat, located in Miami, Florida.

A Filipino feast known as a kamayan
In the Field

Filipino Food in Jacksonville: Purple Roots

TLP meets Purple Roots owner, Francis “Kiko” Cruz, who fuses Spanish and Filipino food into a communal cuisine with a kaleidoscope of flavor.

Chef JoJo Hernandez in his Filipino Restaurant, Abstrakt
In the Field

Filipino Chefs in Jacksonville: Jojo Hernandez

Looking for authentic (with a twist) Filipino restaurants, Abstrakt Filipino Essence, that serve simple, creative, and delicious food? Enjoy!

Melanie Cuartelon's Key Lime Pie with a slice taken out of it
In the Field

Filipino Chefs in Jacksonville: Melanie Cuartelon

TLP highlights Filipino sous chef, Melanie Cuartelon of Sawgrass Marriot who crafts robust flavors in her chicken adobo and lechon baboy.

Kusina Ownersinside their shop with pastries on the counter in front of them
In the Field

Filipino Chefs in Jacksonville: Kusina

TLP explores the culture of Filipino chefs in Jacksonville. Here we highlight Kusina, where home is emulated through fresh-baked ensaymada.

Feast of different colorful foods and drinks at Black Radish
Dining Out

New Restaurants in Florida

Discover a vegan gastropub, neighborhood tapas bar, and an elevated take on the all-veggie diet at these 10 new restaurants in Florida.

Snapper Thumbnail min
On the Road

New Florida Restaurants

In the Local Palate’s New Restaurants Issue, local contributor Lauren Titus gives an overview of new restaurants in Florida, from bakeries to cocktail lounges.