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Bookshelf: Las Islas Bonitas | Listen

Author and documentarian, Von Diaz, celebrates the traditional cooking techniques of tropical islands in her cookbook, Las Islas Bonitas.

Best Southern cookbooks of 2024 covers

The Best Southern Cookbooks of the Season | Listen

From Afro cuisine to turkey hunting, Erin Byers Murray and Emily D. Crews share their top 9 Southern cookbooks to welcome the spring season.

Maydan Carrot Cocktail

Maydan: Recipes from Lebanon and Beyond

Rose Previte’s debut cookbook, Maydan, celebrates flavors that come from the home kitchens of women across the Middle East.

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Bookshelf: Thoughtful Cooking

William Dissen introduces Thoughtful Cooking, with recipes cultivated by sustainable agriculture, foraging, and cooking through the seasons.

World Central Cookbook cover

Stock the Shelves: The Best Cookbooks of 2023

Erin Byers Murray, shares her picks for the best cookbooks of 2023, spanning across cultures and cuisine, destined for your bookshelves.

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The Future Is Plant-Based

Food writer Alicia Kennedy discusses the history of plant-based eating and its important future in her new book, No Meat Required

Kenny Gilbert at the grill

Southern Cooking, Global Reach

Chef Kenny Gilbert honors his family’s food traditions while encouraging readers to honor theirs with a jerk-spiced spareribs recipe.

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The Best Southern Cookbooks of the Summer

Erin Byers Murray shares her top picks from recently released cookbooks to stock your summer shelves and inspire your Southern soirées.

Eat Plants B*tch, 91 Vegan Recipes That Will Blow Your Meat Loving Mind from Pinky Cole, founder of Slutty Vegan

The Slutty Vegan Cookbook: Eat Plants, B*tch

Pinky Cole, owner of the Slutty Vegan restaurant empire, is reimagining vegan recipes with her new cookbook, Eat Plants, B*tch.

Hachland Hill Cookbook

Hachland Hill Cookbook

Tennessee chef Carter Hach pays tribute to a Southern legend, his grandmother Phila, with a family story in recipes.