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Toil & Trouble Halloween Cocktail

Toil & Trouble

Toil & trouble comes from Beverage Director, Brandi Carter of Elvie's in Jackson and features rich chicory liqueur and black sesame scotch.

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Fig Leaf Mojito

The Local Palate shares a mojito recipe that is sure to shine as it incorporates flavors of figs that you might not have tried before.

Cafe La Trova Cuban mojito

Cafe La Trova’s Cuban Mojito

Julio Cabrera, founder and maestro cantinero of Cafe La Trova, makes a classic Cuban mojito, named Miami’s best for three years.

Frozen daiquiris on a table

Frozen Daiquiris

Dale Gray's recipe for frozen daiquiris is inspired by the giant versions found in New Orleans but requires only 4 ingredients to make.

Sparkling Blackberry Julep

Sparkling Blackberry Julep

Tart berries, crisp mint, and fizzy Mountain Valley Spring Water Blackberry Pomegranate are simple ingredients for this blackberry julep.

Smoked Bourbon Peach Bellini

Smoked Bourbon Peach Bellini

Top this smoky bourbon peach bellini with Mountain Valley Spring Water White Peach, for a refreshingly balanced cocktail.

Key Lime Ricky Cocktail

Key Lime Ricky

Riffing on key lime pie, the Key Lime Ricky balances sweetness, a bright essence of lime, and the smoky undertones of bourbon.

A glass of spirits sits by a peach on a table.

“Son of a Peacher Man” Peach Bourbon Cocktail

For a summer-infused cocktail with a quick, try this peach and bourbon drink from Michael DeNicola of Harold's Cabin.

A short and tall glass full of spirits sit side by side on a counter.

The Folly Peach Cocktail

Celebrate National Tequila Day with a peach cocktail recipe from Herd Provisions in Charleston that includes tequila and Aperol.

A large glass bowl holds a yellow punch garnished with pineapple, dried fruit, and flowers.

“Tulum, I See You” Rum Punch

The "Tulum I See You" rum punch from Adiõs uses prosecco, two types of rum, and a fruity liqueur to accompany a pineapple and lime juice mix.