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Margaret Boerner Root Daiquiri
The Riff

The Daiquiri Two Ways | Video

Margaret Boerner of Sovereign Remedies pays homage to Asheville's history of natural remedies with the earthy, yet tart, root daiquiri.

Black Lagoon's cocktail Blood Rave in a short glass

Blood Rave

This cocktail from Black Lagoon is the only trick you'll want this Halloween: Its blood-red hue belies a complex flavor vampires will avoid.

Prohibition's Espresso Martini in a martini glass

Espresso Martini

Prohibition's easy espresso martini uses common ingredients to pack a flavorful coffee punch with a touch of brightness.

Screaming Banshee from Black Lagoon in Texas

Screaming Banshee

Black Lagoon’s deliciously spooky cocktail, the Screaming Banshee, is a sweet treat made to celebrate Halloween.

Berry's Sweet Potato Bourbon Milk Punch
The Riff

Sweet Potato Bourbon Milk Punch

Kursten Berry's sweet potato milk punch is spicy, warm, sweet, and a delightful companion to curling up by the fire during the fall season.

Berry's Sweet Potato Old Fashioned
The Riff

Sweet Potato Old Fashioned

Kursten Berry's fall old fashioned gives uses a sweet potato simple syrup to put an earthy, rich spin on the traditional old fashioned.

Berry's Classic Old Fashioned

Classic Old Fashioned Recipe

To Kursten Berry, an old fashioned is "the perfect drink," and her simple classic old fashioned recipe a delicious treat year round.

Gingerbread old fashioned, inspired by Moravian cookies

Gingerbread Old Fashioned

The Broad Branch Distillery's mixologists reimagine Christmas cookies in an all-grown-up form with their gingerbread old fashioned.


Julep’s Brunch Punch

Sweet, bright, and fresh, this citrus brunch punch is perfectly crafted with its base of fruity citrus and layers of floral notes and spices.

Key Ingredient

With Love, Linda | Video

This garden party cocktail uses fresh, local ingredients and fizzy Mountain Valley Spring Water that can compliment any summer gatherings.