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Berry's Sweet Potato Bourbon Milk Punch
The Riff

Sweet Potato Bourbon Milk Punch

Kursten Berry's sweet potato milk punch is spicy, warm, sweet, and a delightful companion to curling up by the fire during the fall season.

Berry's Sweet Potato Old Fashioned
The Riff

Sweet Potato Old Fashioned

Kursten Berry's fall old fashioned gives uses a sweet potato simple syrup to put an earthy, rich spin on the traditional old fashioned.

Sean Umstead's mojito riff: Fig Leaf Mojito
The Riff

Sean Umstead’s Fig Leaf Mojito | Video

With locally harvested ingredients, Sean Umstead from Kingfisher uses fig leaves to add a tropical flair to the traditional mojito.

David Szlam crafts Ginger Highball
The Riff

Ginger Highball | Video

Virgil Kaine founder, David Szlam, shows a simple recipe for a ginger highball using his craft ginger bourbon.

The Riff

Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

“People always ask me, ‘I like whiskey, I like old fashioneds, what else should I drink?’ Why mess with what you like?” beverage educator Tiffanie Barriere says.

Pommarré cocktail from Doar Bros in Charleston, a riff on the vieux carré
The Riff


In a mixing glass, combine all ingredients except garnish with ice.