Lee Brothers and Friends at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

During the 2018 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina, join Matt and Ted Lee (and the host of guests they’ve invited, from chefs to heritage hog farmers) on the South Carolina Department of Agriculture Kitchen Stage in Marion Square for discussions and interactive cooking demonstrations. You’ll also get a chance to hear the stories behind these South Carolina chefs, farmers, caterers, producers, and artisans.

Here’s the full schedule:

Friday, February 16

11 am – The Lee Bros. join Martha Lou Gadsden and grand-daughter Melanie to cook yams and cabbage

12 pm – Commissioner Hugh Weathers and Patricia Moore-Pastides (author of “Greek Revival” and “Greek Revival from the Garden” cookbooks) demonstrate some of their favorite recipes using Certified South Carolina products

1 pm – Michelle Weaver and sous chef Patrick Balcom of Charleston Grill talk charred onion sauce and goat cheese from Chris Maher’s Burden Creek Dairy.

2 pm – Jimmy and Andrew Hagood make Jimmy Red corn tortillas with wild duck carnitas

3 pm – Cassandra Swearington and Markiah Benjamin of Mrs. Kay’s Southern Gourmet Food Truck reveal their okra gumbo secrets

4 pm – Michael Toscano of Le Farfalle and Tank Jackson of Holy City Hogs talk South Carolina-raised Ossabaw hogs, and make Michael’s potato gnocchi with ragu bolognese

Saturday, February 17

11 am – Digby Stridiron and BJ Dennis preview Parcel 32 restaurant, and will make green garlic and cardamom pilau with shrimp and crab, a crucian johnnycake with clams and artichoke relish, oysters and rice with smoked mullet, and curried oysters with cornbread

12 pm – Chris and Suzanne Stewart of the Glass Onion make their version of shrimp and grits

1 pm – Sean and Cillie Mendes of Gillie’s Soul Food, Roadside Seafood, and Blues Cajun Kitchen demonstrate Sean’s grandmother’s (Gillie Gaillard) she crab soup

2 pm – Greg Johnsman and Madison Tessener preview Miller’s All Day

3 pm – Corrie and Shuai Wang of Short Grain Food Truck will take the stage

4 pm – David Pell of Coast and Andrew Boyd from 39 Rue De Jean will talk about the differences between bouillabaisse and paella, then will cook them up using the same Certified South Carolina ingredients

Sunday, February 18

12 pm – Kevin and Susan Johnson of the Grocery make a winter salad, highlighting all the vegetables available this time of year

1 pm – The Sassard family will demonstrate their artichoke relish dip (secret ingredient: bacon) and pickle winter treats like the Jerusalem artichoke

2 pm – Heidi Vukov and Holly Braddock of Croissants Bakery & Bistro will airbrush a mahi mahi onto a cake

3 pm – Sarah McClure of Southside Smokehouse & Grille in Landrum, South Carolina, makes a traditional Newberry hash and Santee Island catfish tacos with her father

  • location:

    Charleston, SC
  • date:

    February 17, 2018