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From basics to full-on culinary classes, these how-to guides have your kitchen skills covered.

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Culinary Class

Glossary of terms on how to bake bread

The Locale Palate shares all the terms and vocabulary you need to know for how to bake bread that will make you a professional baker.

Culinary Class

Rules of Roux

When it comes to how to make a roux, follow these tips and tricks to have the best mac and cheese or gumbo.

Photograph of a guide of peppers that showcases how many different peppers there are as multiple lay out on concrete
Culinary Class

Peppers 101: Mild, Smoky, and Hot

Do you love peppers, but don't know what to try? Read this guide to peppers from mild to hot, so you know what to buy and try.

Photograph of all the best hot sauces in a circle
Culinary Class

The Best Hot Sauces: The Ring of Fire

The Local Palate shares the best hot sauces created that we call the "Ring of Fire," be sure to check out how to use these sauces.

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Culinary Class

Gelato versus Ice Cream: What is the Difference?

There's long been debate about whether ice cream or gelato is superior. Our basic road map will help you navigate these two treats.

Culinary Class

How To Deep Fry a Turkey

TLP walks through how to deep fry a turkey proper (using safety techniques) to [...]

Culinary Class

The Basics for Chocolate Babka

The pastry chef of Houston's Bādolina Bakery & Cafe, Michal Michaeli, shows us how [...]

Culinary Class

Crafting the Perfect Croquembouche

Jackie Joseph, winner of Food Network's 2021 Best Baker in America series, walks us [...]

Culinary Class

Cast Iron Secrets

See TLP's tips and tricks for taking care of cast iron pans. We'll have your beloved cookware in the best shape of its life in no time!