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Cocktail Class:
“The Fruit Flag”


The breeze says, “It’s not weird to order a piña colada.” The sound of the waves say, “You know what would make this better? A mai tai.” And the warm nights whisper, “Be different and order a whiskey sour.”

All of these summer drinks have one thing in common—a fruit flag.

The flag is the unofficial cocktail garnish for summer, waving a festive hello from its jaunty perch on the rim of a glass. So here is how to make them:


Photos by Callie Cranford
STEP ONE Choose your base fruit according to the cocktail’s ingredients: a wedge of pineapple for piña colada, lemon for whiskey sour, lime for mai tai, or orange for a variety of choices. Photo by Callie Cranford


Photos by Callie Cranford
STEP TWO Slice a slit in the wedge. Photo by Callie Cranford


Photos by Callie Cranford
STEP THREE Spear a stemmed maraschino cherry through the top of the wedge (the little stem is technically the “flag” waving). Bonus points for adding two wedges. Photo by Callie Cranford


Photos by Callie Cranford
STEP FOUR Place on rim of glass and turn up the island tunes. Photo by Callie Cranford
Happy Summer.


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