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Expert Tips for Brewing a Better Cup of Coffee

Photo by Christy Baugh
Training in action at The Counter Culture Training Center in Charleston, South Carolina. Photo by Christy Baugh

Brewing coffee is something that most of us do daily but what if your morning cup of joe could be even better? The Counter Culture Coffee Training Center in Charleston, South Carolina offers classes, tastings and free seminars dedicated to selecting and brewing coffee. We reached out to Park Brannen, director of Regional Development at The Counter Culture CoffeeTraining Center for a few tips for brewing the best cup of coffee.


Photo by Andrew Cebulka
Photo by Andrew Cebulka
  • Keep it fresh, only buy what you need for a week or two.
  • Keep it in an airtight container, not in the fridge or in the freezer (food aromas get in the coffee and that’s not great).
  • Grind it as close to brewing it as possible.
  • Keep the ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water (roughly an ounce of coffee to sixteen ounces of water, adjust to taste)


  • Use filtered or bottled. Sounds like a lot, but coffee is 98 percent water and if you put funky tasting water in, you’ll get funky tasting coffee out.
  • Heat it to 200 degrees. Your average coffee brewer doesn’t do that, so I would run it once with no coffee to preheat it, then a second time using the already heated water. If you’re making a pourover, check the temperature with a thermometer.
  • Rinse the filter out before you add the coffee it.

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