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Five Southern Roasted Coffee Beans for Your Pantry

By Katie Friedman

All right, I’ll admit it. I am an avid coffee drinker, and I don’t want to help it; I need my fix morning, noon, and night. Whether dashing through the day or just settling into bed for the evening, I catch myself dreaming of the perfect blend, expectantly waiting to taste hints of chocolate and caramel on the tip of my tongue. Before I know it, I’m already standing in front of the pantry and analyzing bags compact with coffee beans, devoted to making the most delectable decision.

Luckily, this routine just became much less time-consuming. With select, handcrafted blends from across the South, choosing my coffee has become second nature. Here are five whole bean varieties to add to your pantry.

Courtesy of Blanchard Coffee
Blanchard's Kiririma Estate / Photo courtesy of Blanchard's


Kiririma Estate / A direct-trade selection from the Kayanza province of Burundi, this popular blend balances sweet notes of plum and brown sugar. Richmond, VA

King Bean

Sullivan’s Blend / Where do I even begin? A medium-dark roast with rich caramelized sugar and a subtle fruit undertone, Sullivan’s blends sweet flavors while honoring a beautiful island. Charleston, SC

Higher Ground

Mexican Chiapas / The smooth overtones of spices and fruit from this light roast not only tastes good but also supports local non-profits.
Leeds, AL

Photo courtesy of Tweed Coffee
Timepiece of Tweed Coffee Roasters / Photo courtesy of Tweed Coffee


L’Acadie Blend / A medium roast with a tart citrus and syrupy sweet finish, L’Acadie honors rich Cajun history in a new, sip-worthy fashion. Lafayette, LA

Tweed Coffee Roasters

Timepiece / I highly doubt there is a better way to keep your day on track than with hints of dark chocolate and sweet blood orange. Dallas, TX

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