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Fruit Ices

Sorbets, Sherbets and Granitás

ROOTS_StrawSorbet (2)

Sorbets are made from fruit juice and purees with added sugar and water. Sorbets can also contain an egg white. The addition of the egg white produces a smoother, lighter texture when freezing but not all sorbets contain egg.

Sherbets also contain fruit juices and purees with added sugar and water as well as cream or milk. The dairy gives sherbets a richer flavor than a sorbet. Sherbets can also contain egg whites for a smoother texture. Both sorbets and sherbets are churned in an ice cream maker.

Granitás are also made from fruit juices, sugar and water but they contain less sugar and are not churned when frozen. Instead they are frozen in a shallow pan and occasionally scraped with a fork to produce large ice crystals. A tip for granitás: chill the dish you will be serving the granitá in because they melt very quickly.

These are basic rules of frozen desserts. All of them can include flavors like chocolate, coffee, herbs and spices. A sorbet or sherbet made with vodka or wine will give them a softer, smoother texture and ice creams and gelato can also be made softer by adding more sugar to the recipe. Whichever you choose, dig in and enjoy!