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Know Your Ice

Photo by Beth Kirby
Crushed Ice. Photo by Beth Kirby.

Crushed Ice

Less than 32°F
PROS Cools faster but melts faster.
CONS Messiest (wateriest).

Cooling warm items. Fitting in tight spaces between items.

Photo by Tim Hussey
Block Ice. Photo by Tim Hussey.

Block Ice

0 °F
PROS Lasts longer.
CONS Sometimes harder to pack.

Keeping pre-chilled items cold with low maintenance.
(i.e. adding more crushed ice)

Dry Ice

-109.3 °F
PROS Incredibly cold.
CONS We recommend putting a towel layer atop it to avoid freezing other items.

Freezer cooler, longer trips, wicked fog effects.

SAFETY WARNING /// Handle with gloves only use in well ventilated areas and never in airtight containers. Sublimation will cause an explosion.

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