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Mashed Potatoes, debunked

Mashed Rosemary Yukon Gold Potatoes
Mashed Rosemary Yukon Gold Potatoes. Photo by Andrew Cebulka


Infuse flavor into mashed potatoes by
adding herbs and spices into milk as it simmers.


Chicken stock can be substituted for some of the
butter and milk if a leaner recipe is required.


Handle potatoes as little as possible.


To prevent wallpaper-paste potatoes:
Gently stir potatoes with wooden spoon or rubber spatula.


Use a potato ricer or food mill to mash potatoes.
This produces the lightest, fluffiest mashed potatoes.

A handheld potato masher is the second-best option. A standing mixer fitted with the paddle attachment is the third choice, it will save elbow grease and will produce a creamier end result (less fluffy). Never use a food processor or blender. This makes mashed potatoes gluey. THE HORROR.

Test Your Skills

TLP Test Kitchen’s Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

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