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Sip Tequila Like a Master

National Tequila Day is cause for celebration — but if your repertoire of tequila cocktails is limited to a neon green margarita from a mix or a shot with a wedge of lime and salt, then it’s time for an advanced lesson. We have tequila expert German Gonzalez to serve as your professor.

t1 Selecto (1)
Sip your tequila neat in a great glass.

Judge a tequila by its plata.

That’s where quality ingredients and tequilero expertise really matter. If the plata is exceptional the rest of the line will be too. Plata blanco is a white tequila that is aged for less than 2 months in stainless steel. This type of tequila has the boldest flavor with unique character and aroma because it is unhampered by the flavors created by aging in oak barrels.

Stay away from inexpensive, sugar-laden tequilas and don’t take shots.
Sip and savor tequila.

German and tequilas at Republic (1)
German and tequilas at Republic

DRINK FROM A GOOD GLASS. I recommend drinking tequila from a riedel, champagne, or rocks glass. Good tequila provides a multi-sensory experience – the right glass will help.

DRINK IT NEAT. Like fine red wine, drinking tequila at room temperature lets you enjoy the scent, color, taste and other complexities. You don’t need ice, and you should never store tequila in the freezer. Give it a pour, let it breathe, and give it a swirl before you drink.

MAKE A SUPER-SKINNY MARGARITA. Try T1 Ultra Fino Blanco on the rocks with a twist of lime. Its super-skinny because you can actually taste the tequila. It adds only the taste of the lime, not the calories and sugar from a mix.

Editor’s Note
German Gonzalez is a fifth-generation master tequila distiller (tequilero)  and the creator of the celebrated T1 Tequila Uno and Tears of Llorona tequilas.

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