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Pro-Tips for Making Popovers

Get Into Popovers Recipe
Photos by Jonathan Boncek.

“I’m really into popovers these days,” a dear friend excitedly pronounced, a propos of nothing whatsoever. Her fervor was such that she wanted to share her new baking affinity with anyone and everyone. “Are you into them yet?” she eagerly inquired—as though a fever were striking the South, and it was only a matter of time before contagion infiltrated our kitchens. “They are foolproof and delicious!” Well there you have it: we decidedly did became “really into” popovers too. Not only are they exactly as stated—both foolproof and delicious—they are also appealingly versatile. Fresh-from-the-oven popovers are as appropriate with morning coffee, served with butter and honey or jam, as they are an elegant afternoon snack with tea—hot or cold, sweet or no—and they make a lovely alternative to dinner rolls on the evening table. While we normally do not advocate for special equipment in the kitchen, we will make an exception here; a popover pan is inexpensive and makes perfect puffs (but a muffin tin or ramekins are fine too—just be sure to butter whichever pan you choose very well). While they are named because of how they “pop over” the side of the pan in which they are baked, we have found the name to fit another instance: because they can be made in a jiffy with ingredients you already have in in your pantry, they are the perfect offering for when friends just “pop over.”

6 Steps to Popovers

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From May 2014


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