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Tallulah Belle

Inspired by the traditional "farmer's Coke," the Tallulah Belle puts a fun spin on the drink by using Bacon-Fat and Belle Meade Bourbon.

Ranch rabbit and country ham dip with saltines on a cutting board

Ranch Rabbit and Country Ham Dip

Rhubarb serves up a hyper local ranch rabbit and country ham dip using protiens and blue cheese from neighboring farms and creameries.

Duck fat chicken wings

Duck Fat Chicken Wings

These duck fat chicken wings from Tre Luna Kitchen and Bar are a big hit around game day and teeming with rich flavor.

Tallow Aioli next to a thick cut of steak

Tallow Aïoli

Davis Taylor of Rhubarb in Asheville, North Carolina, shares this recipe for tallow aïoli to enhance lean cuts of beef.

Hickory Chow Chow Pancakes or chow chow okonomiyaki

Chow Chow Pancakes with Soup Bean Mayo Recipe

These chow chow pancakes combine a Southern staple ingredient with the Japanese-influenced okonomiyaki recipe for a fermented, crispy result.

savory black-eyed pea griddle cakes

Chef Vishwesh Bhatt Makes Black-Eyed Pea Griddle Cakes | Video

Savory black-eyed pea griddle cakes are an unexpected breakfast or brunch recipe from chef Vishwesh Bhatt's cookbook, "I Am From Here."

Bacon Fat Cornbread in a 12-inch skillet

Bacon Fat Cornbread

Taken from the inspiration of her childhood and culinary influences of her grandmother, Sara Bradley gives us a perfect cornbread that will take us back in time.


Picnic Chicken

Spice up a trip to the park with chef Dan Jackson's picnic chicken. Throw in some onions, fry it in duck fat, and you've got a crowd-pleaser.


Sausage Pinwheels

Jazz up the plain jane sausage balls with these elegant spiraled pinwheels. This recipe comes from chef Rob McDaniel of Helen in Birmingham. The pinwheels he serves at Helen get a chef-inspired twist on his mother’s classic recipe. “Growing up, we always had sausage pinwheels for breakfast [...]


Beans and Greens Soup

This warming soup inspires hardy winter greens with rich flavor. The recipe was given to us by Louisiana-based L.H. Hayward & Co., which recommends using Camellia brand beans. However, other dried garbanzo beans will work just as well. Serve with homemade cornbread, or add sausage for a [...]