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Margaret Boerner Root Daiquiri
The Riff

The Riff: The Daiquiri | Video

Margaret Boerner of Sovereign Remedies pays homage to Asheville's history of natural remedies with the earthy, yet tart, root daiquiri.

Michelle Weaver featured image
Key Ingredient

Chef Michelle Weaver Makes Delicata Squash Salad | Video

Michelle Weaver of Charleston Grill shows us how to make a seasonal delicata squash salad that is perfect for fall dinners and Thanksgiving.

Black Lagoon's cocktail Blood Rave in a short glass

Blood Rave

This cocktail from Black Lagoon is the only trick you'll want this Halloween: Its blood-red hue belies a complex flavor vampires will avoid.

Screaming Banshee from Black Lagoon in Texas

Screaming Banshee

Black Lagoon’s deliciously spooky cocktail, the Screaming Banshee, is a sweet treat made to celebrate Halloween.

Julep's Brunch Punch in a crystal punch bowlgarnished with sliced oranges, limes, and lemons

Julep’s Brunch Punch

Sweet, bright, and fresh, this citrus brunch punch is perfectly crafted with its base of fruity citrus and layers of floral notes and spices.

Sean Umstead's mojito riff: Fig Leaf Mojito
The Riff

The Riff: The Mojito | Video

With locally harvested ingredients, Sean Umstead from Kingfisher uses fig leaves to add a tropical flair to the traditional mojito.

Image of Vern's Summer Vermouth Highball

Summer Vermouth Highball

This tasty, low-ABV cocktail is made with vermouth and enhanced by a fresh herb syrup, ready to bring brightness to any summertime event.

Queen City Swizzle Cocktail at Optimist Hall in Charlotte

Queen City Swizzle

In homage to their home city, Andrews created the Queen City Swizzle, a colorful, herbaceous drink that walks the line between sweet and smoky.

Watermelon Salad

Spicy Watermelon Salad

Indulge in this spicy watermelon salad, a combination of honey, Tajín, and lime for a refreshing and hydrating side for summer meals.