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pani puri from Mister Mao

Mister Mao’s Pani Puri

Sophina Uong shares her take on pani puri from her restaurant Mister Mao in New Orleans, hers incorporates fire water and strawberries.

Butterbean Spread with Mint Basil & Lime

Butter Bean Dip with Mint, Basil, and Lime

If you love chickpea hummus, this butter bean dip recipe is perfect for you to mix up your snacking game this summer.

North of Bourbon

Mint Julep

Designed to be enjoyed from bottom up, through a straw, juleps' aroma plays a significant role in the cocktail from first sip to last.

North of Bourbon

Have Julep, Will Travel

This simple drink has plenty more to it than just bourbon and mint, and it can travel to a destination event too.

North of Bourbon

Strawberry Julep

“Basil Hayden allows the strawberry and mint to shine while also allowing you to enjoy without getting inebriated too quickly."

Moutain Mint Kara Amoruso

Preserved Mint Vinaigrette

Mountain mint's sharp-yet-floral flavor enriches dishes from Stockton’s snap pea to strawberry salad, according to chef Trevor Stockton.

Epsom derby cocktail next to a bottle of Never Say Die Bourbon

The Epsom Derby Cocktail

The Epsom Derby Cocktail mixes the smooth Never Say Die bourbon whiskey with bright grapefruit juice and an essence of mint leaves.

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Snap Pea & Strawberry Salad

This snap pea and strawberry salad combines the fresh flavors of strawberries and snap peas with a tangy preserved mint vinaigrette.

Blackberry ginger bourbon smash

Blackberry-Ginger Bourbon Smash

From Toni Tipton Martin's latest book, Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs & Juice, this blackberry-ginger bourbon smash is sweet and well-balanced.

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Malted Vanilla Mint Sugar Cookies

Delicious and versatile, these mint sugar cookies from Nashville chef Rebecca Turshen are a staple crowd favorite during the holiday season!