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Sheet Pan Chicken with Root Vegetables

Sheet Pan Chicken and Root Vegetables

This simple sheet pan chicken invites you to swap in whatever ingredients you have on hand for the root vegetables, from carrots to cabbage.


Georgia Peanut and Brown Butter Parsnip Tart

More and more chefs are incorporating peanuts in elevated dishes, especially Georgia peanuts, being so flavorful and large with great texture. Created by Chef Rebecca “Peanut” Ayers, this tart recipe also comes with caramel ganache and salted peanut butter whipped cream recipes to add on if you’re [...]


Instant Pot Green Curry and Vegetable Medley

In a multicooker set to sauté medium, warm ghee. Stir in next six ingredients. Cook, stirring constantly, until sizzling and fragrant, about 1 minute. Stir in stock and gently scrape to loosen any glaze from bottom of pot. Add sweet potato, parsnips, potatoes, and cauliflower.


Parsnips with Cream, Leeks, and Nutmeg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Fill a 4-quart saucepan with 3 quarts water and ½ cup of salt and place on stove over high heat. Meanwhile, peel parsnips on a cutting board and trim into approximately 3-inch long pieces. (Since parsnips have a conical shape, the thin [...]


Braised Brisket With Root Vegetables

Make the brisket: Preheat oven to 300 degrees.Rinse off brisket and pat dry with paper towels. Mix together flour, salt, 1 teaspoon pepper, and paprika in a small bowl.Rub with flour mix.Over medium-high heat, sear brisket on both sides then move to a resting rack.Add onions to [...]


Parsnip Custard with Pear Preserves, Crispy Buckwheat, and Pecans

“Parsnips can be prepared both sweet and savory. I especially enjoy the rich texture they have when slowly roasted,” says Blackberry Farm’s Executive Chef Dabney. For dessert, she plays up their sweet side in a parsnip custard with pear preserves and crispy buckwheat with pecans. Take that, [...]


Roasted Parsnip Soup

“I really enjoy the rich texture parsnips have when slowly roasted,” says Blackberry Farm’s executive chef, Cassidee Dabney. “In the cooler months, I often make batches of parsnip soup. I’ll have some for dinner or incorporate the soup into a casserole or tart base.”


Parsnip Hoe Cakes with Crème Fraîche, Trout Roe, and Chives

“Parsnips can be prepared both sweet and savory. I especially enjoy the rich texture they have when slowly roasted,” says Executive Chef Dabney of Blackberry Farms. Here, Dabney shows off their versatile chops in three savory dishes: grated in a sautéed hoe cake topped with crème fraîche, [...]

Brussels Sprout Pizza on the Big Green Egg

Brussels Sprout Pizza

Brussels Sprouts don’t scream Super Bowl, but this pizza is a crowd pleaser at chef Moffett’s restaurant, Stagioni.