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Whole roasted lamb on a board, garnished with thyme and sage

Whole Roasted Lamb

Try not to feel intimidated by cooking with fire. With practice, it will grow on you. Use your senses as guidance for this whole roasted lamb.

Three Lebkuchen from Hachland Hill Inn

Lebkuchen (Delicious German Cakes)

Lebkuchen are tender spice cakes (their name translates to roughly to "ginger cakes" or "ginger cookies") and a delicious German tradition.

Mini pecan pies topped with cream

G-Mom’s Mini Pecan Pies

Mike Jordan shares his mother's miniature pecan pie recipe and how they inspired his barrel-aged, blended strong ale.

Cranberry casserole in a baking dish and served on a plate

Cranberry Casserole

Taken from childhood inspiration and culinary influences of her mother, chef Sara Bradley gives a family favorite recipe for cranberry casserole.

Hummingbird thumbnail

Hummingbird Cake

This cake recipe makes even a cake hater's mouth water with ultra-moist crumbs, fruit-forward flavors, and cream cheese buttercream.

Goat Cheese Cake thumbnail
Key Ingredient

Goat Cheese Carrot Cheesecake

In a small saucepan, combine honey with 1 cup water and bring to a gentle boil. Add the carrots and simmer until the carrots soften.


Embered Sweet Potatoes

Asheville Proper chef Owen McGlynn offers a new take on the traditional sweet potato casserole with embered sweet potatoes. Caramelized in rendered bacon fat and maple syrup, these potatoes get enhanced with rich flavor and finished on the grill. They are delicious warm or served at room [...]


Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Want cookies that are gooey, chunky, and chocolatey? Hannah Lavender from Sweet Lavender Bakeshop has this amazing recipes that delivers on all three. Decadent and chewy with just-crispy edges, these brown butter chocolate chunk cookies can be a go-to recipe for whenever the baking itch strikes. Great [...]


Cushaw Cheesecake Recipe

Chef and spice creator Belinda Smith-Sullivan puts a new spin on fall cheesecakes with this cushaw and pecan cheesecake. From her cookbook Southern Sugar (2021), she writes, “Cushaw is a winter crookneck squash that grows abundantly in the Southern states and Appalachia. Also known as sweet potato pumpkin, [...]


Pimento Cheese Roasted Pecans

Love all things pecans? Try this pimento cheese roasted pecans from Hostess Provisions. These pecans will has the delicious nutty pecan flavor infused and dusted with pimento cheese. Uses this as a snack for parties, school snacks, gatherings, etc. Or, give it as gift to family and [...]